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Bobatime, formerly known as Chatime Nanaimo, is a specialized purveyor of authentic Taiwanese bubble tea. Our extensive menu features a variety of popular and sought-after beverages, including Milk Tea, Smoothies, Tea-Presso, Fruit Tea, and Refreshing Juices. We are committed to delivering fresh and healthy bubble tea options to our valued customers. All you have to do is shaking your tea up


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Bobatimes' Signiture Milk Tea

Our famous Milk Tea is expertly crafted using only the finest-quality tea leaves, resulting in a rich and full-bodied flavor. This classic beverage is revered by tea enthusiasts the world over, and can be customized to your individual taste preferences by choosing one of our unique tea bases and complementing it with nondairy creamer. Whether you are a long-time tea lover or new to the experience, our Milk Tea is sure to delight and refresh

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Amazing Quality Ingredients

Our Featured Drinks

Kick Start Your Day With An Energizing Smoothie

Bobatime is looking to revolutionize the tea drinking culture in Nanaimo and Central Vancouver Island. By sourcing our ingredients directly from Taiwan we are able to completely control the quality and authenticity of out ingredients. Furthermore, this has allowed us to develop and refine our menu to include six incredibly delicious featured drinks.

Milk Tea

Premium tea base infused with non dairy creamer and you choice of toppings. This signature combination is the definition of bridging Taiwanese and Canadian cultures.

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Our refreshing Bobatime smoothie can be made with a variety of options, such as taro, mango, strawberry, peach, and passion fruit with you favorite toppings

Sweet and refreshing juice smoothies and slushie in nanaimo

Fruit Tea

Bobatimes' milk tea may not be suitable for you. However, our fruit tea comes in many different delicious flavours and options!

Brown Sugar

This tasty treat is known as brown sugar series. You can choose either milk tea, fresh milk or oat with to blend with our brown sugar-infused tapioca pearls.

Refreshing Juice

Refresh and rejuvenate with our delicious fruit juice. A great choice for those looking for a simple and natural fruity beverage without caffein.


Unleash the full potential of your tea leaves with our tea-presso! A delicious blend of either black tea or fruit tea and espresso. perfect for tea lovers everywhere.

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What Bobatime Believes

At Bobatime, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and unparalleled customer satisfaction. As a dedicated bubble tea, smoothie, and fruit juice establishment, we stand apart from other establishments that only offer these drinks as a secondary focus. Our singular focus allows us to concentrate on creating innovative and delicious beverages, as well as providing outstanding customer service. To maintain our commitment to quality, we have made significant investments in state-of-the-art equipment, including a Tea Brewer, Tea Espresso, Blenders, and Ice Maker

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Bobatime Milk Tea Smoothie & Bubble Tea Flavours in Nanaimo
Smoothies for sale in Nanaimo Order Takeaway & Delivery through Door Dash

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At Bobatime, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of innovative and delicious tea beverages. Our menu features signature milk teas with exceptional flavor profiles, as well as smoothies and other specialty drinks crafted from the finest real tea leaves and natural ingredients. Our in-store brewing process ensures that each drink is freshly brewed and of the highest quality. We highly recommend trying our four most popular beverages, which have earned a reputation for excellence among our customers

Pearl Milk Tea (Best Seller)

Try our pearl milk tea with grass jelly or pudding toppings. Truly one of the best!

Brown Sugar Peal with Fresh Milk

Turn this everyday drink into a desert like treat with oursea salt cheese foam

Mango QQ

Get more flavour by topping this tea up with one of our rainbow jelly, lychee popping boba and aloe vera.

Taro Smoothie

Peals, Coconut jelly, crystal boba or rainbow jelly are highly recommended options for our taro smoothie

What Our Customers Say

Noah john
Noah john
dont order 100% ice
Geordie Farquhar
Geordie Farquhar
Awesome Boba tea try the taro smoothie it's the bomb.
Joshua Aune
Joshua Aune
I love BobaTime 🙂
Vivian D
Vivian D
We ordered the oreo drink and a bowl of grass jelly with taro balls, sweet potato balls, pearls, red beans, taro, etc. We were very satisfied with our orders. Keep up the great work! Thank you for the good food.

Our Location in Nanaimo


Bobatime is situated at the Rock City Plaza, at the intersection of Rock City Road and Island Highway North. We invite you to visit us and savor one of our nutritious and invigorating smoothies, bubble teas, or refreshing juices. Our Google listing, available below, showcases customer reviews and provides an opportunity for past patrons to share their experience with others. Thank you for considering Bobatime