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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


1.1 We are grateful that you have visited the website (“Website”) Bobatime Nanaimo, its related bodies and each of its independently-owned franchisees (“Bobatime Franchisees”) recognize the importance of protecting the privacy and rights of individuals and are committed to protecting personal information in accordance to Canadian privacy laws.

1.2 This Privacy policy outlines Bobatime’s policies regarding personal information. It also includes information about how we manage, collect and protect your data.

1.3 The scope of this Privacy Policy covers the personal information handling practices of restaurants owned by Bobatime in Canada and Bobatime Franchisees. Bbobatime does not control the use or disclosure of personal information and may not have access to the personal data held by Bobatime Franchisees. Bobatime Franchisees 

have the responsibility of ensuring that the Personal information they collect is treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy and Canadian privacy laws.


      1. What is Personal Information?

    2.1 The Act defines personal information as the term used in this Privacy policy. It is information that can be used personally to identify you. It could include your name and address as well as your telephone number, email address, profession, or occupation.

    2.2 Personal information is information that identifies you or can reasonably be identified from the information.


        1. What personal information do we collect, and how is it collected?

      3.1 We will only ask for personal information necessary to perform one or more business functions.

      3.2 We may collect certain personal information depending on the interaction we have with you. It may also include the following:

      3.2.1 We collect personal information from you when you sign up for our mailing list, join or participate in our Bobatime member program, use Bobatime’s mobile application, or interact with our social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This could include your name, first and last names as well as postal and physical addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, facsimile numbers, age and date of birth.

      3.2.2 The personal information that you give us when placing an order at one our T-Breweries. This information could include your first and last name, postal address and physical address, email address and telephone number. 3.2.3 Information about your preferences, buying behaviour, and experience with our services.

      3.2.4 We will collect information if you apply for a job with Bobatime.

      3.2.5 We will collect information from you if you apply to be a Bobatime Franchisee.

      3.2.6 Additional information about you that you give us through your use of our website, or indirectly through the use of our websites, mobile apps, or online presence.

      3.3 We may also collect information that does not identify you. We may also collect anonymous responses to surveys and aggregated information about how visitors use our website.

      3.4 We will not collect sensitive data about you, except when you apply for a job with Bobatime and/or apply to be a Bobatime Franchisee. This includes information about your race or ethnic group or political or religious beliefs, unless you consent to it or are required by law.


          1. COOKIES & WEB BEACONS

        4.1 We may collect personal information via cookies in certain cases. Our partners, third-party service providers, and we may send cookies to your computer or devices. We also use similar technologies to improve your online experience on our Website and elsewhere on the Internet. Cookies are files that identify you as a customer and store personal preferences such as product preferences. They also tell us which pages you visited and in which order. This allows us to recognize your computer and greet each visitor to our Website. Cookies and other technical information are used to personalize your visit to our website, analyse traffic to our website, track user trends, patterns, and make selections for authorised downloading and for technical reasons related to your use of this site. Cookies can be either permanent (i.e. Cookies can be either permanent (i.e. they stay on your computer until deleted) or temporary (i.e. They are temporary and will expire when you close your browser. You can choose to block cookies from your browser. Please note that cookies and similar devices are not allowed to be used in certain areas of our Website.

        4.2 Web beacons may be used to monitor your use of our Website. Web beacons, also known as web bugs, are tiny strings of code that allow us to display a graphic image on a website. They can be used for data transfer, including the IP address of the computer downloading the page, the URL (Uniform Resource Locator), the date and time that the page containing the beacons was viewed, which browsers were used to fetch the web beacon, the ID number of any cookies that were placed on that computer by the server. Web beacons are used to communicate with you via HTML-capable email. They tell us whether you opened and received our email. You can block some web beacons by setting your browser to display HTML email as text only.

        4.3 Cookies and web beacons by themselves do not reveal or contain any personal information. If you provide personal information to us, however, that information can be linked to anonymous data stored in cookies and/or Web beacons.


            1. What happens if we can’t collect your personal information?

          We may not be able to provide you requested services or products if you don’t provide us with the above personal information.

          5.2 We may not be in a position to give you information about products or services, including special promotions.

          5.3 We may not be able to customize the content on our websites to suit your needs. Your experience with our Website might not be as pleasant or helpful.


              1. What are the purposes of collecting, holding, using, and disclosing your personal information?

            Personal information is collected to enable us to perform business functions and deliver the best customer service.

            We collect, hold and use your personal data for the following purposes:

            6.1 We process your orders for drinks and gift cards you place at one of our TBreweries. We provide our products and services, and can even refund you where applicable.

            6.2 We use your information when you opt to receive mobile content and services via SMS, MMS, or other mobile services. This data is used to deliver these services and content to the user, track sales data, inform you about upcoming events, and plan promotional activities that may be of interest to them.

            6.3 To answer any questions you might have or to process and reply to any complaint you might make.

            6.4 Marketing our products, services and promotions to you.

            6.5 To improve operation and navigation of our website and to inform you about any changes made to it;

            6.6 Help you remember and re-order from our menu in future.

            6.7 Processing and consideration of your employment application (see the Employment Application section below).

            6.8 Information that you request regarding our franchises, processing and considering your application for a franchise (see the Franchise Application section below);

            6.9 We use your personal information to facilitate our internal business operations. This includes fulfilling any legal, security and regulatory requirements. Your personal information may be used for purposes other than those listed above. We will make this clear to you when we collect it.


                1. Whom may we disclose your information?

              We may share your personal information with the following parties for the purposes set out in this section:

              7.1 Bobatime Franchisees and subsidiaries, as well as related bodies corporate

              7.2 We employ contractors and agents to operate our business and our Website and fulfill your requests.

              7.3 Suppliers and third parties with which we have commercial relations, for business, marketing, and related purposes

              7.4 Bobatime Franchisees: If you have an inquiry or complaint about a store owned or operated by one our Bobatime Franchisees,

              7.5 Third parties when the law requires or authorizes us to do so

              7.6 Any organization for any authorised purposes with your explicit consent. We may combine any personal information we collect with information collected by any other related bodies corporate (within Canada).



                8.1 We may send direct marketing communications to you about our products and services, as well as information on other companies within Bobatime we think may be of value to you. These communications can be sent via mail, SMS, email, or fax, in accordance to applicable marketing laws. These direct marketing communications may be sent to you by any of these methods.

                8.2 We will use the preferred method of communication if you indicate that preference. You can also opt out of receiving marketing communications at any time by contacting us (see below) or using the opt-out facility provided in the marketing communication. We will remove your name from our mailing lists.

                8.3 We may use your personal data for direct marketing purposes on behalf of third parties if you consent to this.


                    1. EMPLOYMENT APPLICATIONS

                  9.1 In general, we only collect personal information about applicants if it is included in the application for employment. This includes your name, address, telephone number and email address as well as your education details, employment history, and any other relevant information.

                  9.2 We may obtain personal information about your application from third parties. For example, your former employers or nominated referees. We may collect sensitive information about yourself, such as your health, including any disability, or criminal records.

                  9.3 Personal information is collected for the following purposes:

                  9.3.1 We will assess you to determine if you are a good candidate for a job with us or one of our related entities.

                  9.3.2 Assessing your suitability to move on to the next stage of the recruitment process to fill a vacant job.

                  9.3.3 Storing information about you for future employment opportunities. We will not be able to complete any of the above if you don’t provide the requested information.

                  9.4 We may share your information with:

                  9.4.1 Referees and previous employers

                  9.4.2 We are not represented by agencies, contractors or recruitment agencies.

                  9.4.3 Bobatime Franchisees and related entities

                  9.4.4 Bobatime employees in other locations and franchisees in other

                  Locations and other Bobatime entities around the world;

                  9.4.5 Check with law enforcement agencies for proof of a criminal history. We will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that contractors who are engaged to provide services to us involve the handling of personal data.


                      1. FRANCHISEE APPLICATIONS

                    10.1 In general, Bobatime collects personal information about applicants to franchise. This includes information on the Franchise Application Form. For example, your name, address, telephone number and email address. Education details include your residency status, financial capacity, financial history and any other information related to your qualifications. Bobatime may also request additional information, such as bank account details to enable direct debits.

                    10.2 Bobatime may obtain personal information from third parties in order to evaluate your application. This could include information from your former employers or nominated references. Bobatime can also obtain sensitive information about your identity, such as your credit rating or criminal records.

                    10.3 Bobatime may collect personal information to fulfill the following purposes:

                    10.3.1 Evaluation of your application to become Bobatime Franchisee

                    10.3.2 Assessing your suitability to move on to the next stage in Bobatime’s franchisor recruitment process

                    10.3.3 Storing your information to future franchise opportunities. Bobatime won’t be able to complete any of the above if you don’t provide the requested information.

                    10.4 Bobatime could disclose your information to:

                    10.4.1 Referees and previous employers

                    10.4.2 Our related entities

                    10.4.3 Check with law enforcement agencies for criminal records. If bobatime employs third-party contractors to provide services to us that involve handling personal data, bobatime will take reasonable precautions to ensure that the contractor does not use the personal information for any other purpose than the one for which it was provided.



                      11.1 You can request access to personal information that we have about you by contacting us at the contact details below. If we have information you are entitled access to, we will provide you with the appropriate means to get it. This could be by emailing or mailing it. To meet your request, we may charge an administration fee. We won’t charge you for simply making the request. However, we will charge for any corrections or additions to your personal data.

                      11.2 In some cases, we may not be able to give you access. We may have to deny access in certain circumstances. We will inform you in writing if we have to refuse access.

                      11.3 You can request that we correct any incorrect, incomplete, or inaccurate personal data that we have about you.

                      11.4 We will use all reasonable measures to verify your identity and protect your privacy before granting you access.


                          1. What is the process for complaining about a breach of privacy?

                        12.1 Please contact our Privacy Officer if you believe your privacy policy was violated.

                        12.2 We ask that all complaints regarding privacy breaches be submitted in writing to ensure that we have the correct details. We will try to clarify as much as possible with you the nature of the complaint, and the outcome you are expecting. We will let you know if we will investigate, who will be investigating, and when the investigation will end.

                        12.3 Once we have finished our inquiries, we will contact you, often in writing, to inform you of the outcome and request your response. We will evaluate your response and let you know if our views have changed.


                            1. Do we disclose your personal information to anyone outside Canada?

                          13.1 Bobatime may in some instances, disclose personal information to organizations located outside Canada. This includes the following:

                          13.1.1 Related bodies corporate located abroad;

                          13.1.2 Other overseas third parties. We will share your personal data with these entities in accordance with Chatime privacy laws. We will also take reasonable steps to ensure that overseas recipients do not violate your privacy rights.


                              1. SECURITY

                            14.1 The type of interaction with us will determine where we store your personal data. Some areas could include databases that process customer feedback or enquiries, mail exchange servers, or email databases to support marketing communications.

                            14.2 We take reasonable precautions to protect your personal information from misuse and loss, as well as from unauthorised access modification and disclosure. Your information may be kept in electronic or hardcopy form. Your personal information is only kept for the purpose it was collected, or as required by law. If we do not need it, we will take the appropriate steps to delete or permanently de-identify personal information. The type of information, how it was collected, and the storage method may affect the measures we take.

                            14.3 Our Website is connected to the internet. The internet is inherently unsecure. We cannot guarantee the security of the information you send to us online. It is impossible to guarantee that information sent over the internet will not be intercepted. Any personal information or other information you send to us via the internet is at your own risk.


                                1. LINKS

                              15.1 Links to other websites operated by third parties may be found on our Website. We do not make any representations or warranties regarding the privacy policies of third-party Websites. Furthermore, we are not responsible or liable for any content or privacy policies on third-party Websites. Information about privacy practices on third-party websites is the responsibility of those sites.

                              15.2 Third party advertisements may be used on our website. Bobatime and its affiliates do not endorse third-party advertisements. Bobatime does not assume responsibility for any content, including representations, of third-party advertisements on the Website to the extent allowed by law. These third parties can view, edit and set their own cookies. These third parties may use these technologies in accordance with their privacy policies. This Privacy Policy does not cover them.


                                  1. FRANCHISEE’S PRIVACY POLICIES

                                Many Bobatime T-Breweries, as mentioned, are owned and operated independently by businessmen and women who are franchisees. Franchisees who operate websites may be required to adhere to this Privacy Policy.


                                    1. CHANGE TO THIS POLICY ON PRIVACY

                                  This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. We will post any updated version of our privacy policy on our website. It is important that you review it often.


                                      1. CONTACT US

                                    You can contact us using the following details or use the contact link to send questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy:

                                    Bobatime Privacy Officer

                                    Address: Address: 2980 North, Island Hwy N #520, Nanaimo, BC V9T 5V4, Canada

                                    Telephone: +1 250-585-6568


                                    Our Privacy Officer will review your complaint or question and respond within a reasonable time.

                                    This privacy policy was last modified on 01/02/2023I